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Senator Misau And Juvenile Tendencies

Kai! There has never been a time in our history that the revered and distinguished Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria suffered huge ridicule and embarrassment as the current dispensation.

Yes, over the years, many incidents took place at the senate chamber which caused uproar among many Nigerians, but it has  never gotten to this extent.

This is sequel to the recent demonstration of juvenile tendencies by one Senator Hamman Misau, representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District.

As a member of the highest lawmaking body in Nigeria, Senator Misau is supposed to be enlightened enough to know the line between dry, empty and spurious allegations which cannot be substantiated with facts and proofs and allegations which can be proven.

Few months ago, Senator Misau raised series of allegations against the police institution. He alleged that the Nigeria Police Force, which he once served before he left as being corrupt. He also alleged that the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, was collecting billions of naira from oil companies and others.

The allegations as weighty as they are, he was called upon to defend them and provide facts and tangible proofs, till today, Misau has not deemed it fit to defend his integrity (if he has any) and provide Nigerians with proofs.

He also, at a point, raised the issue of payment of huge sums of money for special promotion in the Force, he was again pleaded to provide evidence of this so that the system can be cleansed. As at today, Misau has not come up with any of such evidence.

Also two days ago, Senator Misau at the floor of the referred senate chamber raised some allegations, which many Nigerians including some senators who were at the sitting regard as childish and a huge display of juvenile tendencies.

In fact, one could see some senators whispering to each other and covering their faces in shame when Misau was making his submission at the Senate Chamber.

Senator Misau childishly raised the allegation of the IGP having a relationship with 2 policewomen and that he (the IGP) did a secret weeding in Kaduna recently. Haba Misau!  What is your definition of secret wedding? Is ‘secret wedding’ an issue that should be bordering a senator who is representing a constituency that is bedeviled with poverty and uncountable challenges? Is Misau dearth of ideas or has he lost focus of what brought him to the revered Senate chamber?

Senator Misau should please redirect his focus and energy to the many challenges and issues that borders on the unity of Nigeria that are begging for attention and in need of viable solutions.

Instead of dissipating his energy on how to bring down the Nigeria Police Force and the IGP, (which he cannot),  Misau and in fact the entire Senate should look at the sufferings and poverty that is chocking most Nigerians to death and help proffer solutions rather than spending sleepless nights on issues of relationship and ‘secret’ wedding.

This, therefore, portray senator Misau as having a suspicious motive in all his allegations. In fact, many Nigerians are of the views (either rightly or wrongly) that Senator Misau is being sponsored and has a specific target and mandate.

The questions thus are: What is Senator Misau trying to achieve by bringing up such unsubstantiated allegations against the Police as an institution and the IGP as a person? Who is Senator Misau working for? And who or what is his target?

Is Misau working for someone or a group of persons to discredit IGP in order to indirectly punch President Muhammadu Buhari?  These are questions that are begging for answers considering the rising cases of spurious and baseless allegations against those seem to be working hard to achieve the target of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

There is no doubt, the Nigeria Police Force under the watch of IGP Idris has given good accounts of itself in terms of the protection of lives and property in the country in recent times. This is following the arrests and dislodgment of hundreds of kidnappers and notorious armed robbers across the country.

In fact, many security experts in the country are of the consensus that the rate of crime and criminality has drastically reduced. Even though we are still not where we want to be, but definitely, we are moving forward.

It is fundamental to critically take a look at the a questions raised few days ago by a public affairs analyst where he asked: “ Why are the blackmailing arsenals overtly directed at those considered to be highly loyal to Buhari’s administration? Right now, the chairman of the Economics and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, is also perpetually under huge attacks by the same elements of blackmail who are using every available channel to paint him black.

“The dust was compelled to die, after the duo of Abba Kyari and Lawal Daura closed their eyes to similar smear campaigns, from the same people. This is after the abortive attempts to rubbish the robust and rapidly rising reputation of Gen. Buratai.

“While I don’t want to be seen as being sentimentally sectional, but the salvo seems selectively so directed, at those sharing the same geographical location with the president. Is it to say the sinners are only present on the same side of the president’s block?”

Misau also raised an allegation of selective promotion by the IGP to “his boys.” It is important to state here that there has never in the history of the Nigeria Police Force where large number of police personnel got promotion like during the current leadership of IGP Idris.

Misau should, for once, be frank, sincere and fear God. Nigerians can find out for themselves among personnel of the Force if there is any time there was mass promotions in the Force as this. And for Misau who should know to bring such allegation, it is most unfortunate.

The leadership of the Senate and in fact, well-meaning Nigerians should call Senator Misau to order. He should stop distracting the Nigeria Police Force and even the senate. He should allow the senate to concentrate on finding solutions to sensitive national issues rather than dissipating their energy and time on investigating frivolous allegations raised by Misau against the IGP.

The Senate leadership should also caution Misau to desist from speaking before he thinks as he has always done. Such attitude is clearly the behavior of juveniles and not mature individuals, let alone a senator.

The display of juvenile attitude of Misau should be a lesson to all well-meaning Nigerians as 2019 is drawing nearer. Nigerians should vote for people who are mature with good character and have the capacity to represent them well and not those who will bring  ridicule to their constituencies their juvenile tendencies.

It is important for Senator Misau, as a true Muslim (if he is one) to know that, every action has a corresponding reward either here or hereafter.

– Abdulkadir, is a Kano-based public affairs commentator


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