Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Teenager Stabs Man To Death In Zaria [PHOTO]

A 17-year-old teenage boy reportedly stabbed another 25-year-old man to death during a scuffle at Tudun Wada area of Zaria.

It was gathered that the fight started over a minor disagreement between the teenager and the victim.

The teenager filled with anger stabbed the victim with a scissors on his shoulder and chest, leading to his death.

According to a resident, Abubakar Usman who shared on Facebook, they didn’t know when the fight got serious and teenager stabbed the 25-year old man.

“This boy resting on his knees killed this man yesterday at Tudun Wada, Zaria, just because of small fight and the 17 year-old boy got angry and stabbed the 25 year-old man with a scissors through his shoulder and his chest.

“That’s why our prophet (S.A.W) taught us to control our temper when we are angry. Anybody that failed to follow the teachings of our prophet will regret here and hereafter.”


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