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Tagbo: Nigerians React To Davido’s Video Evidence

Nigerians have reacted to video footage of the last meeting Nigerian pop star David Adeleke aka Davido had with the late friend Tagbo Umeike.

Music star, Davido released the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage to absolve and clear himself of any complicity in the death of Tagbo.

While some Nigerians have shown support to the “If” crooner, others seem not to believe in his innocence as most questioned his actions.

Below are some comments…

@Spiritualleadernigeria we know the trick you used when you sacfriced someone in your State (Ede) because of your Music, now you are here deceiving people, Davido denied not knowing about Tagbo an igbo boy’s death but they investigated and saw the car in.

@officiaIcharclie Can’t just tell why people believed Davido could kill his own friend what for? I think somebody else did that to tarnish his reputation, but knows the best.soon the real truth will come out.

@angelmarcel2417 Who are you fooling,how come is the same of this your car drop him at the hospital, this is what they ask u to upload u have deleted the important part after all they have demote the DPO that is in charge of the case, money speaks no p God knows the truth and it shall prevail one day, if u are guilty u will meet your karma but if you are not God will set u free and someone child we are talking about not fowl.

@Archiekings, Let no one judge or take sides.only God knows best…. Looking at this vid Davido has no hand in his death but the thing is the hilux that dropped him at the hospital was later found in David’s house and the guys he provided said it was an instruction from DaVido.I still don’t get it.

@Babajidesotayo The late Tagbo lacks what most of us lack when drinking,that is the self discipline to know one’s gauge. I guess he over joyously drank himself to stupor because it was his bday. Davido, in the footage,was seen coming out of his car to give that late guy a hand, probably,of help but the guy refused and was just too restless with the other guys by Davido’s car. This is what youthful exuberance can cause to most of these small boys. RIP, notwithstanding.


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