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Cleric Backs Buhari To Run For Second Term

The Spiritual father and Chairman, Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Ayo Ni O, Most Rev. Samuel Abidoye, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari deserves second term, Punch reported.

He stated that his administration had shown great commitment to the recovery of looted funds and fight against graft.

He spoke on Thursday during the 77th annual convention/ conference of the church along Ilorin-Ibadan Expressway.

He said though Buhari was sick, he has recovered and would perform better if given the second term.

He said, “As far as I’m concerned, President Buhari is doing very good, what he has been doing since he assumed office with particular reference to the recovery of the nation’s stolen money had never been done by any government in this country before.

“In view of this, he needs more time to do this work very well in order to make Nigeria great again, so Nigerians should consider him for second term in office, let’s give him time to do more.”

Abidoye urged the Federal government to use the recovered looted fund for youth empowerment programme.

According to him, this would reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country and secure the nation’s future.

He advised Nigerians to support Buhari’s administration in its effort at implementing people oriented programmes.

He condemned excessive quest for materialism, adding that people should work hard and avoid inordinate ambitions.

He lamented the high rate of ritual killing, armed robbery and other social ills.

He advised Nigerians to be godly, adding that God blessed Nigeria with intelligent people and abundant natural resource for general good. He also counsel clerics to preach the right word of God and avoid ungodly conducts.

Abidoye said, “Ritual killing and kidnapping are all because of quick money. It’s a wrong way to look for money. People should stop engaging in them. What do they really want? When you can’t even take this money along when you die.

“We should think of nurturing our youth for future greatness since we will leave them behind when we’ve gone. If not they are used for war and other social ills when they are jobless or useless for national growth.

“We don’t need to go anywhere, we have everything in abundance in term of manpower and human development, we can all make Nigeria great again.”


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