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2018 Budget:  N491m Earmarks For Foodstuffs, Refreshment In Aso Rock

State House budget for the foodstuff and refreshment is expected to gulp well about N491million in the 2018 budget presented to the National Assembly by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Specifically, N145 million is allocated for food stuff/catering materials supplies in the proposed 2018 budget.

This is, however, different from the allocation of the president and vice-president, both of whom are getting N98 million and N51 million respectively for supply of such foodstuff and catering materials.

There is also an allocation of N17 million for kitchen equipment and cutlery, still under the vice-president’s office.

Also, N136 million was set-aside in the proposed budget to take care of refreshment and meals at the State House, but that is not all.

The president gets a different sum of N26 million for refreshment and meals, while the vice-president gets N18 million for same purpose.

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