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Dr. Chinedu Marksman Ijiomah

Dr. Chinedu Marksman Ijiomah

President/Chairman, Chinmark Group

Al Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE.

| +2348132045702, +2348106706679 |


Dr Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah is a Nigerian European businessman, philanthropist, husband to one wife Trinity Marksman  blessed with a beautiful Daughter Tehilahspecial Marksman.

He is the Chairman/President of the Chinmark Group an industrial conglomerate in Africa, Asia, New York.

He is an industry expert in Civil Engineering with a comprehensive and excellent understanding of structural engineering rudiments and techniques built over a decade of vast expensive and continuous training, collaborating and incorporating with the best hands in the Engineering and Administrative spheres across Africa.

A Decorated Doctor of Science in Business and Administration Management (Dsc.Hons), a Doctor of Strategic Management and Leadership Development, also a Certified Leadership and Management Consultant.

Dr Marksman has carved a niche in the business world as a financial analyst and business strategist rising from Africa.

Dr. Chinedu Marksman Ijiomah

Under his watch, the Chinmark Group has grown into the local and international market with Nigerian subsidiaries – Chinmark Homes and Shelters, FinAfrica Partnership, Chinmark Loans, Chinmark Executive Rides, Chinmark Medicals, Chinmark Agriculture, Chinmark Foods & Logistics and Chinmark Foundation.

To further expand her reach beyond the Nigerian market, Dr Marksman pioneered the global expansion and foreign trade of the Chinmark Group to Dubai, UAE where 5 subsidiaries – Chinmark Investments LCC, Chinmark Car Rentals LCC, Chinmark Medical Supplies LCC, Chinmark Food and Beverages Trading LCC, Chinmark Restaurant LCC runs operations simultaneously.

The Dubai office of the Chinmark Group is located at 2240B Business Central Towers, Dubai

The Dubai Restaurant is located at shop 5/6 Marina walkway ,Marina Bay Dubai and acts as the first foray into the Middle East and Asia as well as major global business communities.

Specialized in structural reinforcements, quality and quantity management through the execution of Civil Engineering tasks, while collaborating and incorporating with the best hands in the Engineering and Administrative sphere across Africa.

A self-motivated and organized financial analyst with professional training in financial and value appreciation

A clear communicator, with acumen to manage interactive training sessions and public speaking for diverse audiences cutting across the subject of value appreciation, financial analysis and wealth creation

A dedicated team player committed to providing high quality technical support and excellent problem-solving skills at all organizational levels.


Project Management Course 2020 – London Academy Business School

Organizational Leadership 2020 – London Academy Business School

Healthy Safety and Environment Documentation 2020 – London Academy Business School

Logistics and Supply chain Management System 2020 – London Academy Business School

Quality Management System 2020 – London Academy Business School

Occupational Health and Safety Management System 2020 – London Academy Business School

Personal Effectiveness, Time management and Mastery 2020 – London Academy Business School

Leadership in Competitive Environment 2020– London Academy Business School

Strategic Marketing and Revenue Appreciation Training (2019)

Advanced Information Technology Training Course (2019) Architectural Precinct Training (2018)

Moneywise Financial Institute (Revenue Generation Training) (2017) Professional Civil Engineering Training Course (2017)

Dunamis Leadership and Training Course (2015)


  • Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna Platinum Leadership Award of Excellence from Northern Youth Council of Nigeria 2021 .
  • Pan-African Distinguished Achiever’s Award. Induction into the Pan African Leaders Hall of Fame.
  • City Pride Achiever’s 2020 Man of the Year.
  • Award of Recognition and Induction into the Hall of Fame of the Public Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics, Ghana.
  • Award of Recognition and induction into the Hall of Fame of Moneywise Institute – a Finance and Investment school.
  • Pan African Distinguished Achiever’s Award
  • Award of Recognition as Christian Youth Empowerment Ambassador by the Redeemed Christian Church of God.
  • Moneywise Institute Award – Recognition of outstanding achievement in Financial Management and Business Growth.
  • Africa’s Patriotic Business Personality Award.
  • ECOWAS YOUTH COUNCIL (Nelson Mandela Leadership Award of Excellence and Integrity)
  • Youth Advancement Initiative (Herbert Macaulay Leadership Award of Transformation).
  • Neighbourhood Child Foundation Award in recognition of Services to Humanity.
  • Professional Fellow Institute of credit administration Nigeria, (FICA).

▪︎ Arise Africa Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021.

▪︎ Business Leadership Award by West African institute of Public administrators and Managers.



President/Chairman, Chinmark Group

Al Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE.

| +2348132045702, +2348106706679 |

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