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NCC publishes Guidelines on Co-location, Infrastructure Sharing [DOCUMENT]

….cites Nigerian Communications Act 2003

….highlights role of the Commission

The regulatory body of Network Service Providers, Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC) has recently published Guidelines on Co-location and Infrastructure Sharing according to Nigerian Communications Act 2003.

The document published on its official website and made available to AFRIPOST, among other clauses therein, stated its status, objectives, general rules for active infrastructure sharing, and the role of the Commission.

The role of the Commission includes but not limited to the power to intervene to resolve disputes at the request of either party and to impose facility sharing or co-location arrangements between operators after consultation with the parties.

The power of the Commission to intervene in disputes shall include the right to request for and receive all such necessary information as may be required to reach a decision.

The decision of the Commission which shall be final, save for the right to judicial review by a court of competent jurisdiction, will be notified to the parties.

In resolving disputes, the Commission shall rely on the provisions of Sections 75 and 76 of the Act and the Dispute Resolution Guidelines.

The Commission will also from time to time arrange for the dissemination of pertinent information on the subject of infrastructure sharing and co-location.

NCC will use its mandate under Section 4 (1) of the Act to further the opportunities for co-location and infrastructure sharing, provided there is no risk of the lessening of competition. In particular, the Commission will take action to: (a) Encourage redevelopment of existing facilities amenable to infrastructure sharing to increase their capacity; (b) Advise local and regional authorities on the adoption of schemes which would encourage the sharing of infrastructure; (c) Support the development of the capability among operators to deal with the issues of infrastructure sharing in a competent way.

The Commission reserves the right to review/vary and modify these Guidelines from time to time, in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

See full guidelines below:

Guidelines on Co-location and Infrastructure Sharing 2021


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